This Weeks HeroClix Scenario:  Earth X
Which generation are you?
Points: 300
Allowed Sets: You must use pieces only from the Earth X set
Allowed Tactics: Only current rule elements will be used
Additional Rules:
* Build a standard 300 point team using only figures with the Earth X set symbol.
* CHANGE: In celebration of it being 2/22, you may also include 2 figures of Two-Face/Harvey Dent
Next Weeks HeroClix Scenario: Baseball Spring Training!
Who's your favorite team?
Points: 300
Allowed Sets: All sets will be allowed
Allowed Tactics: Only current rule elements will be used
Additional Rules:
* Pick a Major League Baseball Team and build a "theme team" around the team name. 
    For Example:Chicago Cubs
    an015 Beast Boy (Bear) 60pts
    an015 Beast Boy (Bear) 60pts
    sm044 Ursa 150pts
This Week for Star Wars Destiny:
Solo awakens suddenly from a nightmare in which he was fighting... himself.  Walking over to a window he looks out over Coruscant.  Is this working as we had planned?  Returning to bed, he cannot help but feel the city, even the very balance of the Galaxy, seems to be on the edge .  Will there be chaos or order?
BUILD:    This week will be about polar opposites: chaos or order.  If we have the turnout, we'll be doing a draft (Legacies or WotF).  As a backup plan if that doesn't work, bring a team using the Solidarity plot

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