Heroclix Scenarios

We will be gaming at the store this Friday with the following stipulations.

1) We will be playing outside weather permitting.

2) We will be starting at 6:30pm.  This is to give us some extra daylight.

3) Everyone MUST wear a mask.  If you don't have one, one will be provided.

4) Tables outside will be set apart and each player will occupy the long end.  There will be only 1 map per table.

5) We are limiting the event to 10 people.  You can register for the event on the Wizkids Event site, the event is already posted for this week. 

6) If more than 10 people show up, those that are registered online will be allowed to play.  Others will be asked to leave.


We will see how this works out, and if it does... we will continue to follow these procedures until Illinois enters Phase 4 (which is technically this Friday)


This Week's HeroClix Scenario: Diversity
Time to spread the love and wealth
Points: 400
Allowed Sets: All Sets are allowed
Allowed Tactics: The latest 2017 Rule set should be used
Additional rules:  
   1) You may not use more than one figure from any set
   2) You must include at least one Marvel, one DC, and one Indy/'other' set figure in your build
   3) No figures in your build may have the same name (unless it is on your sideboar

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