Heroclix & Star Wars Destiny

This Weeks HeroClix Scenario:  Chernobyl

...Who needs a nightlight when you glow?

Points: 400

Allowed Sets: All Sets are allowed

Allowed Tactics: Only current rule elements will be used

Additional Rules:

* All characters must be able to use either Poison and/or Pulse Wave.


In remembrance of the World's worst nuclear disaster in 1986: the 4th reactor at Chernobyl nuclear power station in USSR exploded, 31 died immediately, radioactive contamination reached much of Western Europe.


Next Weeks HeroClix Scenario: Star Wars

… May the Force Blast be With You

Points: 300

Allowed Sets: All Sets are allowed

Allowed Tactics: All elements (past and present) are allowed

Additional Rules:

* All figures must be able to use Force Blast at some point on their dial.

* Powers/Traits that normally prevent knockback (Charge, Giant-Sized, etc) will only successful prevent the knockback on a die roll of 5+.




This Week for Star Wars Destiny:

With the Galactic Senate bickering as usual over leadership and other mundane matters of state, the villian subcommittee took the opportunity to meet to discuss more lucrative agenda items.  As chairman of the subcommittee, Jabba the Hutt made a strong case for increasing bounty captures and associated fees.  But the measure was narrowly defeated by General Grevious (who's motivation seemed to stem from anger over his own droids showing up on bounty after bounty.)  The Hutt made a mental note to never again hold a committee meeting on Vassek 3.  Seething at the General's political interference, Jabba headed home to Tatooine with one recurring dream: feeding Grevious to the Sarlacc.


BUILD:    Build a team using only your least, least, least favorite Star Wars characters.  This will be an Infinity Classic Event (Infinite format,) and team building rules will be flexible as necessary.  For example, character alignment can be ignored.

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